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BUILD Partners

BUILD expands its presence among at-risk youth and their families in communities where there is need, desire for services and willing community partners. BUILD collaborates with more than 100 private organizations and public agencies ranging from citywide entities like the Chicago Public Schools to community-based organizations.

BUILD Community Partners include:

  • Afterschool Matters
  • ALSO
  • Austin Coming Together
  • Chicago Park District
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Community Action Council (CAC) Roberto Clemente High and its Feeder Schools
  • Community Justice Networks for Youth (CJNY)
  • Cook County Juvenile Probation
  • Educational Pathways-West Humboldt Park
  • First Defense Legal Aide
  • Good City
  • Hartgrove Hospital
  • Public Allies
  • Reentry Task Force-NCP
  • Safety Committee-New Communities Program (NCP)
  • Safety Net Works (NCP)
  • UCAN
  • West Humboldt Park Safe Schools Network
  • Youth Guidance