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may 12 2017: BUILD Scholarship Application Opens

Are you a senior in high school who is going to graduate? Have you already been accepted into a community college or university? Do you need help paying your college expenses? If you answered yes to these questions, then apply for the BUILD Scholarship. This is a competitive process and applications must be complete and have all the necessary attachments. Applications are available online at For more information contact Ebonee Shaw at eboneeshaw@buildchicago.orgThe application process closes July 8th 2017 at 11:59PM (CDT).

Download the form here:




 2016 Abbey Scholarship Recipients

 Angel Herrera is a returning Abbey Scholarship recipient; awarded $10,000 for two consecutive years. He successfully completed his freshman and sophomore years of college at Robert Morris University. His area of study is Business Management. Additionally, he remains actively involved at BUILD. Angel commutes to and from school to minimize college expenses. The scholarship helps to cover the cost of tuition, allowing him to pursue and accomplish his academic and professional goals.

Gabrielle Winton graduated from Michele Clark High School this summer as number seven in her class. She was awarded $5,000 to attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Gabby dreams of owning her own beauty salon in the future. To ensure her educational experience equips her with the necessary skills and tools to pursue her goal, her intended areas of study are Business and Communications. The scholarship helps to cover the cost of tuition and room and board. 

Daisey Moreno is a 2016 graduate of Kelvyn Park High School. Her strong academic performance allowed her to maintain a 3.7 CGPA. Receiving this $5,000 award not only covers the cost of tuition, but it puts her in the position to become the first in her family to obtain a college degree. She is attending Lincoln Tech in order to become a medical assistance and begin working in the field to gain practical experience. Her ultimate goal is to attend Northwestern University to become a neonatal nurse. 

 2016 Heilman Scholarship Recipient

Anthony Bush is a passionate advocate for underserved youth. With first-hand knowledge and awareness of the social injustices plaguing such youth’s communities, he worksto empower them in environments fostering civic engagement, college and career readiness, and leadership and workforce development. Anthony acquired his associates degree from City Colleges of Chicago and is currently I pursuit of a B.S. in Political Science at Morgan State University in Baltimore.  The $5,000 from the Heilman Scholarship Fund and $5,000 from BUILD Scholarship Program helps him to afford tuition cost. 

 General Scholarship Pool (money from additional donors)

Curtis Dilworth Jr. is a self-motivated, athletic graduate from Thornwood Township High School. He was awarded $5,000 BUILD to attend Kankakee Community College. Curtis hopes to gain more exposure on the basketball court to help secure additional scholarship funding and a spot on the basketball team of a Division I college, or university. His ultimate goal is to pursue a degree in Engineering at a four-your institution. This scholarship covers the cost of housing at the community college. 



The BUILD Scholarship Program is generously supported by the Abbey Scholarship Program and the Heilman Scholarship Fund to benefit BUILD participants in their educational pursuits.

The Abbey Family envisioned a fund to give youth the opportunity to pursue their dreams of post-secondary education, and to bring the “mainstream dream” of college and career within the reach of BUILD participants. The Abbey Scholarship Program provides scholarships that give access to education and career opportunities that have traditionally not been available to highly at-risk youth in BUILD’s target communities. The minimum scholarship granted will be $2,500; the maximum annual scholarship will be $10,000.

The Heilman Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Eleanor and John Heilman by their children, grandchildren and other generous donors, to give youth at BUILD an opportunity to pursue their dreams of education and career-training.  As a Juvenile Court Justice in Dutchess County, New York, Judge Heilman worked to ensure that all youth were treated fairly and given the opportunity to succeed.  As an ensign in the Navy Nurse Corps during World War II, and later as a volunteer in community youth organizations, Mrs. Heilman worked to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages. Together for 60 years, Eleanor and John Heilman committed their lives to improving the lives of others. The Heilman Fund serves to bridge the gap between grants, loans and scholarships by providing the “final dollars” that are needed for recipients to enroll and participate in accredited secondary schools, academic enrichment programs, and colleges. The minimum scholarship granted will be $1.00 and the maximum annual scholarship from the Heilman Fund will be $2,500. 





2015-2016 Illinois Academic ScholarshipsLast Edited: September 2015

List of CCC Scholarships

Chicago STAR Scholarship




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