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Health & Wellness

BUILDing Healthy Futures works to improve the mental and physical health of BUILD's youth and their families through increased access to health care and holistic services that include: health education, support groups, exercise, increased access to healthy foods, and enrollment in affordable health care. BUILD targets 120 youth for the program and 1,000 adults to enroll into affordable Health Care.

Physical Health: Specialists work with youth to create healthy habits through a Health & Wellness curriculum that teaches about nutrition, fitness, and overall health. Youth have the opportunity to participate in various sports activities to increase their fitness level. In addition, program staff ensures youth and families have access to affordable healthcare.

Mental Health: Specialists work to create a safe space for youth impacted by trauma, social emotional needs, substance use/abuse, and psychosocial issues through one-on-one counseling sessions and/or support groups based on their needs.


“I didn't know how bad fat and sugar was until this program. I knew it was bad for you, but it didn't make ME fat, so I was cool with it. But now that I know how bad those things are and what protein and carbs really are, I'm going be at my all time best.”

Ishmael adds,

“BUILD is helping me cool out. Learning about mental health and stuff is helping me control myself so I don't get into as much trouble.”