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Saving Lives: Intervention

BUILD is committed to serving Chicago’s youth who are facing the greatest risks. By offering both individualized as well as community-based programming, BUILD opens doors for youth who many have given up on, empowering them to take charge of their lives, futures, and communities. BUILD’s Peace Leagues bring together ex-gang members, police, and neighborhood kids to create positive alternatives to street life and to build essential bonds that last a lifetime. Intensive mentoring provides troubled youth with the support and opportunities needed to develop goals and hold themselves accountable. The Youth Leadership Council, Restorative Justice Initiative, and Inward Healing Camping Trips are just some of the ways BUILD ensures that court- and gang-involved youth invest in their futures.

BUILD's Intervention Program is designed to reduce youth violence in targeted high schools and community- base settings. Intervention Specialists and Case Managers engage youth in in-school sessions and/or after- school activities in order to identify issues, seek solutions, mediate disputes, and encourage education. The target number of youth for Intervention is 550 youth, 250 youth for Project BUILD and 300 for Remediation.

Gang/Violence Remediation: Intervention Specialists provide gang-involved youth with activities that are alternatives to gang life and reduce participation in violence and crime. Recreational and athletic activities allow staff to develop rapport with gang members in order to guide them to other resources such as tutoring, counseling, substance abuse treatment and job training. This component of the Intervention Program also serves to prevent youth from any encounters with the Justice System. Integrating Prevention into services helps towards a more holistic approach to reduce violence and crime.

BUILD Peace Leagues: Through collaborative efforts, BUILD teams up with other organizations and coalitions that are committed in remediating gang-related violence. The Peace League plans sports activities that engage gang leaders in order to promote respect and provide positive interactions in order to disrupt the pattern of conflict and retaliation.