BUILD's Annual Gala:

BUILD the Future

Friday May 5 2023, Navy Pier

Each spring, friends, sponsors, community leaders, and young storytellers all come together to support the fight for a better future.

Join this crucial celebration of the progress we can make together, how we can help Chicago’s most threatened youth feel safe, empowered, and loved. Get inspired by last year’s photos and videos, explore how you can get involved.

Hear BUILD Youth Voices tell their stories

Distinguished Alumni Award: Anthony Bush  

Our first-ever Alumni Honoree, Anthony Bush was told by the FBI he wouldn't live past 16 - now he has a successful career on Washington DC's Capitol Hill in bank policy reform.

Youth Speaker:
Zaire McNeil 

Zaire (17) overcame isolation, fear, and the extreme pressures of home to explore several BUILD programs, develop her own identity, and make plans for the future.

Youth Speaker: Uriel Guzman  

Uriel (20) first joined gangs to support his mother - but after too many brutal losses, he found help and a way out with his mentor Felix.


Lifetime BUILDers: The Abbey Family

For more than four decades and three generations, the Abbey Family has believed in BUILD youth—giving flexible scholarships that help young BUILDers design and achieve their own destinies. This multigenerational commitment has become an Abbey tradition, demonstrating to all of us exactly how to turn ideals into concrete life-changing action.

Corporate Community BUILDer: Baird

Baird has always believed in building better futures for clients and communities, and the Baird Foundation a strong local investor. With the Paul Purcell “Kids Win” Education grants, they commit to expanding the next generation’s access to opportunity—holding doors open and helping young people walk through. BUILD and Baird agree: when kids win, we all win.

Philanthropy BUILDer:

We Rise Together: For an Equitable & Just Recovery

Potential does not discriminate - but for too long, prosperity, opportunity, and investments have. We Rise Together combines deep community knowledge with nimble speed, investing to accelerate local-born projects and ideas. Their actions say it all: when we trust and work together, we rise together.

Thank you to our Sponsors, so far!