For over 45 years, BUILD has worked in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods to stem the violence that takes away the positive potential – and, far too often, the very lives – of our youth. In 1969, BUILD started working with fewer than 200 gang-affiliated teens in one neighborhood and today BUILD serves nearly 3,000 youth annually, offering targeted services to enhance our impact in four priority communities - Austin, East Garfield Park, Humboldt Park and Logan Square - while continuing to provide support in other Chicago neighborhoods and throughout Cook County. 

BUILD’s programs are designed to meet both the immediate problem of preventing at-risk youth from joining gangs as well as working with gang-involved youth to develop alternatives to this destructive lifestyle. Our service population also includes youth who have come in contact with the justice system to prevent and/or provide alternatives to detention and assist with successful re-entry into their communities. 


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Saturday 10:00AM, 2015 | Steinmetz College Prep 3030 N Mobile Chicago IL. | Steinmetz College Prep 3030 N Mobile Chicago IL.
The goal of the conference is to create a space where leaders can come together to enjoy music, food, presentations and a panel discussion. The panelist will have a chance to interact with the audience as well as the youngster who will be moderating the discussion. The discussions will focus on issues that the youth feel hinder us: 1.Gangs: How through fear and oppression gangs have become a cause of separation in our "Hood". 2. Gentrification: The divide between economic status in our communities as well as throughout the country. 3. Immigration: The racist system and prejudice thoughts it creates between ethnic groups. 4. Media: How media affects our way of thinking and acting towards each other. 5. Health & Wellness: Having access to quality care services to avoid social isolation and trauma as a result of living in poverty and not having access Promoting healthy and wellness living through good habits such as eating and sleeping. 6. College & Career Readiness & Post-Secondary Education: Helping to provide youth with the tools and leads to further their educational and provide access to programs that provide opportunities for academic achievement during the high school years in order to give students better access to a post-secondary education. Indaglo believes that providing a space to have conversations on these issues with our community can add to the Diversity of our communities. So we ask you if time permits you to assist us in this process of rebuilding our communities. In the spirit of Indaglo our focus is to start talking about simple solutions as well as long term goals vs. just looking at the negatives of our struggle. Read More ›
Monday 9:00AM, 2015 | San Lucas Church, 2914 W. North Ave. | San Lucas Church, 2914 W. North Ave.
Our list of summer activities and programs has something for everyone! Summer programming at BUILD includes writing, art, music, performing arts, outdoor adventure, science, math and technology, community service, trips and more! Read More ›
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