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BUILD helps young people beat the odds by offering positive, empowering in-school, after-school and out-of-school programs, including BUILD’s new Arts Academy, fine arts and jewelry-making workshops, academic tutoring, health education, athletic leagues and poetry and public speaking activities.

BUILD is committed to serving Chicago’s youth who are facing the greatest risks.

BUILD is committed to serving Chicago’s youth who are facing the greatest risks. By offering both individualized as well as community-based programming, BUILD opens doors for youth who many have given up on, empowering them to take charge of their lives, futures, and communities. BUILD’s Peace Leagues bring together ex-gang members, police, and neighborhood kids to create positive alternatives to street life and to build essential bonds that last a lifetime. Intensive mentoring provides troubled youth with the support and opportunities needed to develop goals and hold themselves accountable.
The Youth Leadership Council, Restorative Justice Initiative, and Inward Healing Camping Trips are just some of the ways BUILD ensures that court- and gang-involved youth invest in their futures.
BUILD helps inspire youth to look beyond the barriers in their lives and re-imagine a future filled with opportunity and achievement. Our BUILDing Futures Program exposes low-income, often-overlooked students to the possibility of becoming the first in their families to go to college, graduate and create careers, connecting them to resources they need to achieve their aspirations.
Holistic, Integrated Services for Every Child Across the Board 
A holistic model, an experienced and caring team, and a deep network of partners enable BUILD to be a beacon of hope and a change agent for young people.
We take whatever action is needed to meet pressing needs and support youth in navigating toward success.
From case management and clinical support, to advocacy and mentoring, to arts and music, BUILD’s people, programs and pathways make a lasting difference for thousands of Chicago youth every year.