Community Engagement

BUILD works collaboratively with civic partners for a better Chicago.

BUILD and our partners support youth by engaging in depth with their community. This involvement includes opening doors to resources that promote and support mental and physical health. A healthy community is an important safety net for our young people.

The Peace and Justice Center

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and way of life that helps to promote healing, wellness, and wholeness within individuals and communities. Although a means by which to address woundedness, both experienced and caused. It also cultivates relationships while encouraging conversations that bridge the gaps within feelings of isolation & separation. Various practices of Restorative Justice include Peace Circles, Restorative Conferencing/Conversations, Conflict Resolution, Resource Mapping and much more.

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Crisis Response Unit

BUILD’s 8-member on-call Crisis Response Unit (CRU), recruited from our communities, provides immediate support to victims after an incidence of violence, through a wide range of services: transportation to the hospital, police station, or home; assistance communicating with loved ones; help understanding their rights and role in police investigations, and connection to critical resources like emergency financial assistance, relocation, or help with victims compensation application.

ReCAST: Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma

The overall goal of ReCAST is for communities, providers and city entities to work together in order to build strong relationships, increased resources, and improved health that leads to sustainable reductions in trauma throughout the city of Chicago.

What is resilience? Resilience is the awareness and power of a person, family, organization or community to find, use, and create resources to recover from challenges and generate positive change.

ART: The Austin Response Team

A BUILD partnership with the 15th District precinct. The team works in the neighborhoods to proactively connect residents to resources such as counseling, healthcare and other necessary services provided by our partners. Each week, the 15th District’s Austin Response Team takes over a corner in the community and provides free food, live music and resource tables. Residents who want information about upcoming events and initiatives by the Austin Response Team can text ARTNOW to 64600.

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PlayStreets Chicago

BUILD participates in this collaboration with the Chicago Department of Public Health. It allows residents to establish short-term traffic restrictions on their streets to use as pop-up recreation spaces. The goal is to create healthier and stronger communities by offering safe and accessible residential play areas for kids to be active, to learn, and for neighbors to come together. PlayStreets activations create safe spaces to build shared values promoting physical activity, healthy snack/food options, mental wellness, and foster social cohesion.

Community Ambassadors

The Community Ambassadors become an essential part of the neighborhood. They promote activities that engage residents and also provide Trauma-Informed Practices, and engage in Violence Prevention to help promote resilience, support and health in communities faced with trauma and civil unrest.

Need help? Please contact our Director of Community Engagement,

Martin Anguiano at or call 773-227-2880 for additional information.

"BUILD has made me feel like I matter. I know that they are there for me through all of the tough times."

"I am part of something here. I always feel like that when I am part of the programs at BUILD. They always show me that."

"It's not one thing. Every day at BUILD has a moment that changes my life."

"I see BUILD as my family, and know they will protect me."

"I will transform the world because I am gifted, uplifted, and endlessly blessed with the skills that BUILD has helped me possess."

"Everyone in my family has been in a gang. I'm probably the only one that will finish high school."

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