Enrichment Services

Opportunities to Thrive

Our Enrichment services provide a wide array of in-person and virtual opportunities to cultivate interests and discover talents: music, art, athletics, podcasting, entrepreneurship, gardening, tech, and more.

We surround young people with creative activities to uncover new interests, build healthy minds and bodies, and nurture potential. Scholarships, workplace training, and academic support help youth succeed in high school, prepare for college, and persist through graduation.

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Metal working and Jewelry Entrepreneurship Program

Spend this Fall discovering the transformative, expressive world of Glass Art. This program will introduce you to a brief glass history and the basic elements that go into art and design. This experience will offer you an opportunity to meaningfully interact with your peers and help push your creativity. Participants will engage with hands-on fused glass activities and be a part of the design and creation process of a series of collaborative glass mosaic garden benches to help bring beauty to the Build community garden space!


BUILD Radio Podcast

Youth will learn how to use their creativity to produce unique digital media pieces that highlight individual and community stories and/or issues. They will learn the basics of digital media and how to use production technology. As a part of creating their unique piece, they will develop their communication, writing, technology, leadership, and social skills. Additionally they will gain the ability to begin to deconstruct the media narratives that surround them and strengthen their mechanisms for critical analysis.

flag football

Sport Leagues

Lace up and get ready to hit the field during BUILD’s sports! We offer youth flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, and much more! Youth will learn the rules of the game and play through skills challenges and scrimmage games and embrace teamwork and conflict resolution.


BUILD Music Program

Youth will learn how to write, create beats and learn about the different career fields in the music industry. Youth will learn how to apply rhythm and flow to different songs, organizing sound and words to make music! Youth will be encouraged to use this medium as self-expression and a form of healing and will do this by using software like LogicPro and/or GarageBand to record, edit and master an original track.


Art Academy: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Drawing

BUILD Performs Drama Club enables participants to develop the necessary skills needed in acting and performance. This unique hands-on environment provides participants with the opportunity to learn from distinguished instructors with professional on and off Broadway experience. BUILD Performs is designed to help young artists flourish while gaining confidence through self-expression. No matter the experience level, participants are sure to learn new things and discover a deeper understanding and love of theatre performance.

Garden 2

The Iris/Austin Grown Community Gardening: Seasonal

Working in the Iris garden taking care of chickens, picking ripe produce and handling all aspects of maintaining an urban farm. Our approach is to demonstrate the development of community-based food systems and to support communities in developing systems of their own where food is grown, prepared, and distributed within the community itself.

Please contact Carmen Scott-Boria at 773-227-2880 or carmenscottboria@buildchicago.org for additional information.