Conflict mediation, violence interruption, and persistent engagement of gang and justice- involved youth by mentors who have overcome similar obstacles.

BUILD’s Intervention Specialists work on the front lines to diffuse neighborhood conflicts, mentor youth away from gangs and help them overcome histories of violence, trauma, and incarceration. The Youth Leadership Council, Restorative Justice Initiative, and Inward Healing Camping Trips are just some of the ways BUILD ensures that court- and gang-involved youth invest in their futures. By offering both individualized as well as community-based programming, BUILD opens doors for at-risk youth, empowering them to take charge of their lives, futures, and communities.

Violence Intervention Services include:

Gang Member Detachment and Conflict Mediation

Intervention Specialists develop relationships, build trust to help gang-involved youth leave that lifestyle with activities that reduce participation in violence and crime. Recreational and athletic activities allow staff to develop rapport with gang members in order to guide them to other resources such as tutoring, counseling, substance abuse treatment and job training. Intervention specialists interact with street gangs so that they can get involved before or when conflict does occur between rival neighborhoods to prevent escalation.

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Family Support Services / Truancy Home Visits

We provide services such as education and health to help families who have children who are facing challenges that range from mental health, abuse, poverty, chaotic family life and related issues such as school attendance and behavioral problems. Our truancy program is designed to support students who are habitually truant and works with the student's parents or guardians, teachers and other school staff, social workers, and others in the community.

Peace Sport Leagues

Through collaborative efforts, BUILD teams up with other organizations and coalitions that are committed to remediating gang-related violence. The Peace League brings together active members, those who are no longer involved and police to play in sports activities to promote respect and provide positive interactions in order to disrupt the pattern of conflict and retaliation.

Street Violence Intervention

Intervention specialists engage youth through in-school sessions and out-of-school gang avoidance sessions in order to identify issues, provide case management, mediate disputes, court advocacy and encourage education to get youth out of the gang lifestyle.

Community Violence Response Team Participation

The Austin Response Team (ART) conducts mobilizations on blocks within the 15th District to connect residents to resources. ART connects community members to resources provided by their partners.

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Juvenile Justice

Intervention Specialists and Case Managers engage youth and their families and help them navigate the justice system, accompanying them to court, advocating for youth to judges and probation officers. Staff also work with youth on court mandated work and assist to identify issues, seek solutions, mediate disputes, and encourage education and keep youth out of the prison system with Intensive Mentoring that includes school advocacy and paperwork support, Case Management and Service Referrals, as well as Individual & Group mentoring sessions.

Please contact Manager of Intervention Services, Derrick Orr at or call 773-227-2880 for additional information.

Community Difference

74% reported experiencing improved grades in reading and/or math during the school year. 

88% of respondents who said they needed assistance with conflicts reported increasing their conflict resolution skills since being involved with BUILD .

88% of youth who attended a life-skills workshop reported increased knowledge of healthy conflict resolution.

48 youth have detached from gangs with Intervention assistance in the past year.

96% of youth who have been court involved have avoided recidivism.