Welcome to BUILD's 2020 Virtual Career Fair! This platform provides you with an opportunity to listen in on diverse career opportunities as you move into college or have recently graduated. For additional information on any of these careers, please email our College & Career Coordinator, Ashley Dale at ashleydale@buildchicago.org.

The more you know about the job market, the more you can BUILD career resilience. Use these tips and advice to learn which occupations are of interest and relate to your skills or training.


Paramedic - CFD

Chya Hughes



Kwali Liggons


Business (Logistics) Analyst

Sydney Chitjian


Doctor (Ears Nose Throat)

Dr. Morgan Sandelski

Sales Consultant

Eddy Gonzalez

Stock Trader

Mark Towster

Actor / Writer / Producer

Adriana Leonar


Bibin George

Actor / Producer

Behzad Dabu

Law Student (Courthouse)

Mark Nelson

School Social Worker

Catherine Looby

Writer / Producer / Journeyman

Aniello Fontano


Samantha Saltzman

Lawyer (Civil Rights)

Rebecca Carter


Kyra Nelson


Peggy Nelson

Chicago Fire Fighter (EMT)

Firefighter Gonzalez

Clinical Social Worker

Sibley Fillette

Freelance Artist

Monet Felton

Management Consultant

Alex Oplawski

Doctor (Gastroenterologist)

Dr. Mark Nelson Sr., M.D.

Electrical Engineer Designer

Earl Moore

High School English Teacher

Tara Levy

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