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Why are we building something new?

We're out of space because BUILD has experienced rapid growth these last few years, rising to the challenge of Chicago's epidemic of gun violence. We know what our young people need, and we will not fail them just for lack of space. BUILD THE FUTURE is a campaign to help tens of thousands more young people across the city, strengthening them and all the neighborhoods we serve with a West Side community campus that stands for promise and opportunity and every child's right to achieve the potential within.

What is the timeframe of this project?

We plan to start construction in the fall of 2021. Whether the entire campus is completed in one or two years after that depends on the progress of the campaign and public health conditions; we will keep the community regularly updated.

Where will the work take place?

All of the construction will take place inside the property and on the existing parking lot.

Will BUILD still be open?

Yes, BUILD will provide services in the community but at partner locations across the neighborhood.

Will community members be able to use it?

Of course! We welcome neighbors and members of the community to use the center - the fitness rooms, cafe, meeting rooms - especially before 2pm when many youth are in school. We will always need to prioritize our own youth programming in our scheduling, but this is a community center - our public spaces are always open, and whatever reservable room we have is for sharing.

Who can I talk to about this?

For more information please contact Bradly K. Johnson, Chief Community Officer
Email: bradlyjohnson@buildchicago.org, Phone: Office: 773-227-2880; Direct: 773-413-3811

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