BUILD Art Show 2024: "Art of Possibilities"

About the Art Show
BUILD youth are constantly creating art: to process trauma and heal, to calm themselves, to explore creativity, to express things they don’t yet have words for. The visual and performing arts are part of all our programs. BUILD’s Arts Academy is led by a former gang intervention specialist, Ric Miranda, whose art drove his own transformation and healing.
Each year their work is showcased in our annual Art Show, with all proceeds supporting BUILD’s community and therapeutic art programs! Your generosity ensures continued access to yearly art programming, supplies, and a safe workspace. BUILD’s arts program empowers youth to counter violence with creativity and tap into their power for growth and healing.

We invite you to contribute and donate work to BUILD's powerful community art show, featuring youth and other artistic voices from Chicago’s most marginalized communities on the West and South Sides. This year's theme: "Art of Possibilities"

To sign up as a community artist, contact Ric Miranda at

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