WorldScene Film Festival Online at BUILD Chicago:
Youth-Curated Program, "Movin’ On Up!" Reflects Aspirations

The International Children’s Media Center (ICMC) in collaboration with BUILD Chicago presents the WorldScene Virtual Film Festival, featuring short films from around the globe juried by the young men and women working with BUILD. This special screening of “Movin’ On Up!” highlights short films that explore the evergreen themes of diversity, courage, empowerment. Juried, hand-selected, and sequenced by the young men and women of BUILD Chicago, the WorldScene Film Festival aims to help cultivate personal agency amongst its participants and strives to inspire teens and young adults to question and critically engage with the media they consume.

The WorldScene Film Festival was created by the ICMC as a 14-week film immersion and job training residency. Youth participate in thought-provoking discussions of 50 short films and then select the ones they feel are best for their festival.  Participants also get the opportunity to write, produce, and perform in their very own short film. During WorldScene, the young men and women of BUILD created a short anti-bullying drama entitled The Bystander, which will have its world premiere on May 28th!

Join us on May 28th!

Red Carpet Kicks off at 5pm!

Festival Viewing Opens: 5:15pm - 6:45pm
Watch our youth-curated reel of 9 international short films.

Voting: 6:45pm - 7pm
Take a minute to tell us your favorite.

Afterparty: 7 pm
Join our Zoom, and hear from directors and youth!

*Can’t join us on May 28th? The festival and voting will continue through the 31st!*


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.40.56 PM

The Bystander

USA, 2020   2 mins.

Directed by: Youth at BUILD Chicago

What does it take for us make a difference when we see someone being bullied?

Chicago Premiere. In English.





USA, 2017   9 mins.

Dir. Aisha Horns, Leonna Powell, Paris Walker, and Deja’Nae Williams

A powerful documentary that shows the harsh realities of poverty and being homeless. In English.

resize_main_Johnny Express

Johnny Express

South Korea, 2014   5 mins.

Directed by: Kyungmin Woo (Vimeo, IMDb)

In the year 2150, Johnny, a lazy Space Delivery Man, delivers a package to a planet he does not fully understand. Non verbal.

IMDb (film)

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 1.41.06 PM


USA, 2014   16 mins.

Directed by: B. Monét (Vimeo, IMDb, Twitter)

Imani uses writing as her muse to say all the things she is afraid to express. Through self-discovery and courage, she faces her biggest fear during a rap battle; Chicago Premiere. In English.

IDMb (film)



France, 2015  7 mins.

Dir: Nicolas Albrecht, Jérémie Auray, Alexandre Garnier, Antoine Giuliani, Sandrine Normand, Ambre Pochet, Marc Visintin

In his isolated cemetery, a gravedigger tries to amuse his son in a rather silly way. Non verbal.

Across the Tracks

Across the Tracks

2015, USA 15 mins.

Directed by: Michael Cooke (IMDb)

Two African American sisters grow up in racially charged 1960’s Georgia, but one is born with very fair skin. In English.

IMDb (film)


The Trophy Thief

Australia, 2015 15 mins.

Directed by: Dave Edwardz (IMDb, Twitter)

Ben is a young soccer player who believes thatwinning his team's MVP trophy will solve his family problems; Chicago Premiere. In English.

IMDb (film)

Just Go!

Just, Go!

Latvia, 2017  10 mins.

Directed by: Pavels Gumennikovs (Vimeo)

Inspired by the incredible true story about a young man, Just, who is in a wheelchair. When he sees the girl he likes being robbed, he decides to go after thieves and regain her handbag.
Chicago Premiere. In Latvian with English subtitles. 

IMDb (film)

The Sunny Side

The Sunny Side

USA, 2014  10 mins.

Directed by: Trishul Thejasvi (Twitter)

Sunny Side takes us on a short, self-affirming, and comical journey through the entire life of a person from the 1960's to the present day. Non Verbal.

IMDb (film)