BUILDing a Safe Summer

Lets BUILD a safe summer for our kids
Summer is here and the last day of school is right around the corner. But sadly, summer vacation isn’t so carefree in the communities BUILD works in. Once school gets out, gun-violence increases, the lure of gangs becomes stronger, and stray bullets claim the lives of innocent children.

We have to keep our kids safe, but we need your help. With a $100 donation, you create programs at BUILD that keep kids safe all summer long.

Through the generosity of caring people like you, our kids can participate in some of the following activities this summer:

BUILD Summer Camp, BUILD’s summer arts enrichment program offers theater, steel drums, and mixed media visual arts such as graffiti, mosaic, silk screening, airbrushing, and digital art.

Youth Peace League, which brings youth together from different communities and organizations to learn and compete in the game of softball.

One Summer Chicago, which provides safe, meaningful work experience for our kids and equips them with valuable job skills.


These programs are only possible because of your support. We hope you will consider making a donation today to ensure our youth have the fun, safe summer that every kid deserves. 


Make your impact today!