You invest. Our youth profit. It’s that simple. By making a donation in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities, you are making an investment in the future.

Changes in federal tax laws now make donations of appreciated stock more attractive than ever, enabling donors to deduct the market value of the gift for up to 30% of your Adjusted Gross Income, and usually avoid capital gains tax. Helping BUILD youth deserves a reward!

If your equities are in a bank or brokerage account, simply send a letter of instruction to your broker or banker with a full description of the securities and your gift's intended purpose. Securities can be sent electronically to…

BUILD, Inc in care of Fidelity Investments

Account #Z70-112640

DTC number is # 0226

Fidelity Support line (800) 343-3548.


We can also accept paper stock certificates, or work with your tax advisor if you’d like to make a legacy gift to BUILD in your will.

Please contact Andy Wade at 773/227-2880 so we can confirm the gift came through, or for help with the transmittal process.

Start investing in youth here.