A DIY Mother’s Day Gift is The Most Thoughtful Way to Say “I Love You”

This year’s Mother’s Day was quite different for all of us. BUILD’s Intervention Specialist and Restoring Individuals through Supportive Environments (R.I.S.E.) mentor Pablo Galvez thought long and hard about how to keep the Mother’s day tradition that he and his group would host for moms every year. See the video here!

What Pablo decided to do to keep the Mother’s Day celebration this year, was to make a creative DIY Mother’s Day gift instead. He and his daughter created stenciled roses that were customized with the name of each participant’s mother for each member of the group. In fact, Pablo reached out to each youth and asked that they write a personal letter to their mothers to let them know how special they are to them. Pablo then delivered each stenciled heart to the homes of the youth so that they could present their letter and gifted heart to them on Mother’s Day. 

A very special Mother’s Day that comes straight from the heart, anything made with love is a win in a mother’s eyes.

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