Chicago Community Groups Look to Build Support Systems as Part of Violence Reduction Efforts

More than 80% of Chicago’s homicides in 2023 were on the South and West sides, according to city data.

A deeper look shows West Garfield Park with 48 homicides and nearby community areas not far behind.

Local organizations are focusing on those areas in an effort to work directly with those most impacted in an effort to stop cycles of violence

For BUILD, the work starts with engaging the youth in the community. 

“The more you have time to interact, and engage and listen to a young person, you help them to navigate some of the tough parts of life of just growing up being a teenager,” Adam Alonso, the CEO of the organization said. “If we think back to our teens, it’s not an easy time and young people growing up today really need someone by their side as a mentor.”

Read or watch the interview from WTTW PBS here.

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