Jovan Jones Peace Garden Dedication

We want to thank our friends at Digmattix for generously donating their time, effort, and resources to make BUILD’s community garden even more spectacular. Not only did they help build the garden out, but they made some amazing additions, like a fire pit and brand new benches. 


We were honored to have Digmattix on hand on July 24 when we dedicated the garden as the “Jovan Jones Peace Garden” in honor of the late son of BUILD’s own Lisa Salas.


BUILD CEO Adam Alonso kicked off the dedication ceremony with a brief overview of the history of BUILD’s garden.


“In 2014, a group of young people came and established the first part of the garden,” Alonso said. “The idea was to have a place where young people could grow things and there could be beauty in this place that we’re at now.”


Following Alonso’s introduction, Digmattix owner Jason Mattix addressed the crowd and spoke about his passion for his work, and his experience working with BUILD.

 Jason Mattix, owner of Digmattix

“I love connecting communities through gardens, because I think they’re so connected to the environment, to our surroundings,” Mattix said. 


“It was absolutely our honor to be able to be a part of extending the gardens out, building the benches, building the fire pit, building these things — and finding BUILD was a blessing to us.” 


Several BUILD staff members also shared their feelings about why the garden is so special to them, including Manager of Education and Support Services Ebonee Shaw, Manager of Operations Diane Wehling, and Executive Assistant Lisa Salas. 


In a celebration of life, BUILD youth and staff then decorated the garden with beautiful paper butterflies.

“All around the world, butterflies are associated with the afterlife, tied to your soul, endurance, hope, change, and life,” said Ricardo Miranda, BUILD’s manager of Arts Academy programs. 


Finally, the dedication concluded with Mattix and Salas building the first fire in BUILD’s brand new fire pit. 


We want to thank all those who joined us to celebrate this wonderful dedication ceremony, especially Digmattix. We are proud to have such breathtaking scenery in our own backyard, and to be able to share it with the entire Austin community.

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