Our Chicago: BUILD Chicago & Think Outside Da Block

CHICAGO (WLS) — Since 1969, BUILD Chicago has been working with young people in some of the city’s most challenged neighborhoods.

Based on the city’s West Side, BUILD is a gang intervention, violence prevention and youth development organization. “We’re always in the business of finding out what our young people need to be their best and to thrive in today’s world and get ready for their futures,” said CEO Adam Alonso, “We work with young people as young as six all the way into their late 20s. And really just helping to navigate some of the challenges they may be experiencing and additionally, we just really provide a wide array of programs that are engaging for our young people and things that will complement what they’ve learned in school, things that will actually put them, pique their interest so that they can find a career that’s something that they want to do for their futures.”

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