Teens march to shine a light on National Gun Violence Awareness Day

CHICAGO (CBS) — In Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, hundreds of people of all ages hit the streets.

They’re marching to commemorate National Gun Violence Awareness Day, an annual tradition promoting peace and community.

There were roughly 200 participants, most of whom were teens from the community.

All of them donned orange, all part of a national movement that started in Chicago more than a decade ago that aims to raise awareness of the realities of gun violence and how young people when given the proper tools, could fight back.

An annual gathering focused on changing the narrative.

“Oftentimes we think it’s hard to bring people together in mass for fear of something bad happening, and this is the day as it should be every day to say ‘No you can,'” said Adam Alonso, CEO of BUILD

Watch the broadcast or read the full story from CBS News Chicago here.

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