Trees of Hope Spread Holiday Spirit

It’s the holiday season and all through the city, bright and colorful decorations illuminate the streets. At BUILD, we are spreading the holiday spirit with some decorations of our own that not only create beauty, but lift spirits as well.


Last week, our team spent a day hanging Trees of Hope in the Austin community, which can be seen along Harrison Street from George Leland Elementary School to Laramie Avenue. Crafted out of wood, the Trees of Hope sparkle with holiday joy and are vessels of inspiration. On each tree are messages written by BUILD youth and staff. They say things like “Every step counts, no matter how small” and “My hope is for a community of care and love”.


We encourage all those in the community to take a moment when they pass the Trees of Hope to read these messages and reflect on their meaning. We hope these trees will inspire others to go out and perform their own acts of beautification to help spread the holiday spirit.

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